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Richmond Tuition

English and Maths Tuition from Primary to NCEA

We believe every child is capable of success

We believe that quality learning experiences turn barriers into bridges

We believe that students learn best when they are understood and supported. 


Get ready to watch your child grow in confidence and accelerate in learning with our fantastic tuition team. We can offer support or extension in English, Maths and Science from primary to NCEA. 

Our teaching team connect with your child's school and carefully design learning experiences to ensure success in learning. 

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Girl with Teacher

Our Story

Teacher and Student

“We are loving the positive energy Eleanor is continuing to have after each lesson she has with Roxy - it is great to see and we are so glad we switched to Boost Your Learning!"

— Eleanor, Year 8

Happy Little Girl

Just to let you know according to one of Anna’s teachers, she’s literally top of the class with maths at the moment! Thanks for all the amazing work you’re doing with her Amazing what a difference just an extra half hour of focused learning can do.

—Anna, Year 6 Maths

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Boost Your Learning Richmond is situated in the Saxton Stadium Pavillion. 

Ideal for lessons around sports commitments. 


Our experienced teachers use evidence-based diagnostic tools to craft individualized learning pathways, ensuring each child’s unique needs are met and their confidence soars.


Take the first step towards a transformative educational experience that will set your child on the path to success. Discover more about our nurturing, targeted tuition at Boost Your Learning.

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Boost Your Learning Richmond

142 Saxton Road, Stoke



020 6031 4035

Opening Hours

Mon - Wed


Other hours by request

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