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Boost YOur learning

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We believe every child is capable of success. 


We believe that quality learning experiences turn barriers into bridges.


We believe that students learn best when they feel understood and supported. 

With every learning experience designed to bring out the best in your child, the path to success has never been so clear and achievable.

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Outdoors Tutoring
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We are no ordinary tuition service. 

We have specialist, diagnostic assessment tools to identify the level your child is working within, their strengths and development needs. 

All our tutors are qualified teachers equipped with the knowledge and expertise to accelerate your child's learning. 

We take time to get to know each of our students and value their unique qualities. All our lessons are planned with your child exclusively in mind. We are experts in building confidence and supporting each student to reach their potential. 

Amy Johnson


Managing Director

Since graduating in 2007 at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), I have worked extensively with students at all stages of learning.  I have expertise in the fields of dyslexia, maths and structured literacy.

I established Boost Your Learning in 2021 to offer a solution to families seeking high quality learning support for their child. As a mother to two sons with learning needs, I completely understand the challenges students face in a busy school day and the negative impact 'getting lost' in the system can have on your child's confidence. 


Boost Your Learning is built on the principle that all students are capable of success.  We always take time to get to know our learners, celebrating their unique strengths. I believe that every student can thrive through our targeted tuition sessions, resulting in motivated, confident students with a genuine love of learning. 

Contact me for bookings across Aotearoa.

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Talia Ryan

Māpua Hub Manager

Name, Title

I have over 20 years teaching experience in New Zealand education, beginning in the tertiary sector. For the last 10 years I have been a primary school teacher, and have thoroughly enjoyed assisting many students to achieve confidence and success withtheir learning. I am proud of my students' results and of the empowerment it gave each one of them.A passion for student empowerment led me to obtain a Masters degree specialising in Education as well as a graduate degree in teaching and learning. I believe the most noteworthy qualification I hold is my experience in relating to, and being able to motivate,young people to become passionate about their own learning.

Seeing the sparks start to fly when a child begins to realise theircapabilities is truly rewarding.My husband, two children and I live in the Māpua area on alifestyle block. We feel grateful everyday to be situated in thisbeautiful region and love to spend time enjoying nature at its finest.

I lead the Māpua learning hub at Boost Your Learning

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Anna Chitty

operations manager

I'm originally from Germany and have been living in New Zealand for the past 15 years with my kiwi husband. We have 3 awesome kids and love going on adventures and exploring the outdoors. I have a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning and so far taught years 5-9 in New Zealand.


We have recently returned from a overseas teaching experience in a private international school in Italy and now I am looking forward to providing quality teaching and education to students in New Zealand.

I am positive about the potential of all students and I love working together with students, their families/whānau, tutors and teachers to understand how each student learns and what support they
need to be successful. I am the Operations Manager and also lead the Richmond branch.

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